Business Hours:  Interior Sign Solutions normal business hours are Monday – Friday 8:00 AM till 5:00 PM, Central Time. You can leave a message at other times. Our Toll free phone number is (888) 991-1151, and our 24-hour  fax number is (405) 840-1162. You can e-mail us at, quote@ or order@

Quote turnaround: Requests for quotes are processed in the order they are received, usually within 24 hours. Non-standard materials (for example: solid surface materials, large dimensional letters or special frames requiring outsourcing) may delay your quote an extra business day.

Requests for Quotations: When your company requests a quote we need the following information:

  • The product you want or a product specification.
  • The thickness of the material.
  • The type of corners. (Radius, Inset Radius or Square)
  • The type of edge. (straight, bevel, square or other)
  • The type of border (if any)
  • The size and quantity of each sign type
  • The installation method if other than double face tape dots which are standard
  • Any special material, colors or processes that are needed for this project.

Quotations: We will fax (or e-mail at your request) a two-page quotation. Page two will detail the cost of each sign type you requested along with a description of each sign type. Please review this carefully to ensure that it accurately reflects your request. Page one contains the net cost of the order, our terms and conditions, and a Purchase Order. If you have any questions regarding your quotation, please reference the Quote # found on either page when you contact us. Please follow up if you placed a quote request with our company and have not heard from us within 24 hours, we probably did not receive it. Interior Sign Solutions will guarantee all pricing on a per-job basis for six (6) months from the date of Interior Sign Solutions quote. Artwork accompanies all jobs processed by our shop. If you anticipate that your quote will become an order you may request artwork at this time.

Minimum Order $35.00

Orders: If you wish to make the quote an order, sign page one at the bottom and fax or email it back to us. Signing the quote form is your approval for Interior Sign Solutions to proceed with fabrication of the project. You may issue your own purchase order for the project. Please reference the Interior Sign Solutions Quote # on your PO. Include a sign list sorted by sign type, colors and any other pertinent information at this time.

Order Acknowledgement: When we have received your signed quote or purchase order we will send you an Order Acknowledgement. Please follow up if you placed an order with our company and have not heard from us within 24 hours, we probably did not receive it. We will review your order for any missing information and issue a work order number. Please reference this number and the job name on all correspondence for this project. The Acknowledgement form will inform you of the status of your order at this time. If artwork has not been done the art department will create the necessary approval drawings and fax or e-mail them to you. If your quote needs to be revised, that will be done at this time. We require that your artwork be approved before your order can proceed to the order-processing department. Once all approvals are in hand, your order will be processed and sent to production.

Submittal Drawings: If you do not provide artwork for production, Interior Sign Solutions will require signed approval/submittal drawings prior to production. Interior Sign Solutions will provide one custom approval drawing for each sign type at no charge. Approval drawings show the actual text from your initial sign schedule, borders, corner conditions, colors if known, frames (if supplied by Interior Sign Solutions) and mounting. To ensure an accurate set of custom drawings, all specifications must be provided. If specifications change as a result of revisions, the job may need to be re-quoted, and art charges of $48/hr may be assessed. If you are ordering signs for a previous job, please specify the original work order number and/or job name and previous artwork will be used.

Production Scheduling: You will receive via fax or email a ship date for your order. We cannot give you a ship date until your order is in production. Normal production time is from 10-25 working days, depending on the size and complexity of your project. All quotes and orders are processed in the order that they are received. That includes both administrative and production aspects. Should you have special needs for a specific ship date, please make note of that when your order is placed. Interior Sign Solutions will strive to meet your request. Please keep in mind that special order materials and a heavy workload could extend your ship date.

Rush charges: Rush charges of 30% may be assessed if your requested delivery date is less than our standard production time. However the size and complexity of your order may make adjustments impossible.

Shipping: All Goods will be shipped FOB, Oklahoma City. Our standard shipping method is UPS 3 day. All UPS and FedEx methods are available. If you would like your order shipped other than UPS 3 day you need to let us know. The customer is required to inspect goods upon receipt and notify Interior Sign Solutions of any defects or deviations from the purchase order within 5 days of receiving the shipment. The recipient should examine the exterior packaging for any obvious signs of damage or abuse and file an immediate claim with the carrier. We recommend taking photos of obviously damaged boxes before they are opened. If you find damage you will need to save the boxes and packaging to prove your claim.

Cancellations/Returns: We produce custom signage. If you cancel an order after it is in production you may be invoiced for the work and materials to date. If you have a problem with a sign please contact us. Normally we will make a replacement without a return. If we need you to return the sign/s to us for repairs or modification we will issue a return slip.

Payment / Establishing Credit: Interior Sign Solutions accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards for deposits on orders or payments on accounts. These must be charged prior to shipment if you have not established credit. If you wish to establish an account please request a Credit Application. Our terms are Net 30 from the date of invoice.

Warranty: Interior Sign Solutions will replace without charge, for a period of one (1) year from date of shipment, any sign that fails due to material or workmanship flaws. Abuse, misuse, installation, or removal is not covered by this warranty.

Color Matching: We can match any Matthews,Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, Glidden, PMS color, or your color chip at no charge.

Metallic colors require custom color matching. Add $240.00 per color.

Artwork Policy: If you do not provide artwork for production, Interior Sign Solutions will require signed approval / submittal drawings prior to production. Interior Sign Solutions will provide one drawing for each sign type at no charge. Proofs are available for $7.50 each or $48.00 per hour whichever is less.

Electronic File Formats: We will accept PC compatible scale artwork in the following vector formats. Please do not send a file for every sign. Interior Sign Solutions will provide correct Braille translations if needed.

  • .cdr (14 or lower converted to curves)
  • .eps (converted to paths)
  • .pdf
  • .dxf
  • .tiff (for digital print only)

Note that specific file formats may be required for certain Interior Sign Solutions products. Please contact or e-mail us at info@ to ensure that the correct file format is provided.

Camera Ready Artwork: If electronic files are not available, Interior Sign Solutions will accept camera ready artwork. Our supported scanning size is 11” x 17” or smaller. Art charges of $48.00 per hour will be assessed if your artwork is not acceptable.

Sign Samples: Interior Sign Solutions maintains a limited supply of production over-runs for samples of our various products. Stock samples will be provided at no charge upon request, subject to types, sizes, and colors on hand.

Custom Samples / Prototypes: Interior Sign Solutions will provide custom samples or prototypes upon request. Charges will be assessed for these types of samples. Please submit your drawings and specifications to obtain a price quote.

Custom Submittal Samples: If a firm order over $500.00 is placed and custom samples are required for submittal purposes, Interior Sign Solutions will provide ONE sample at no charge, exclusive of custom materials and freight charges. Interior Sign Solutions reserves the right to determine which sign type and size to produce as a submittal sample. Additional samples will be billed as quoted.

Mounting: All signs include double sided foam button tape as a standard mounting element. This is supplied as a temporary means of adhering the signage to a surface. Interior Sign Solutions recommends screws or 100% pure silicone (caulk) for permanent installation.

Discounts: Interior Sign Solutions uses a two-tiered discount structure.

Quantity Discount: Unit prices are based on the total quantity of signs per order. Different sizes are combined for quantitative discounts.

1-11 signs Base

12-49 signs 18%

50-99 signs 22%

100 or more 26%

Volume Discount: A volume discount is based on the total dollar value of the entire order, and is applied after the Quantity Discount has been calculated.

$100.00-499.99 10%

$500.00-1,999.99 15%

$2,000.00-4,999.99 20%

Over $5000.00 25%

Supplemental Charges / Add ons: (subject to standard discount structure)

Additional charges are added for the following items:

  • Standard drill holes
  • C/S drill holes (counter sunk)
  • Standard 3/16” minimum border
  • Painted screws
  • Minimum 1/8” border
  • Install in customer frames
  • Decorative border
  • Painted frames
  • Bull-nosed edge
  • Multicolored text
  • Eased edge
  • Magnetic & Tin Tape (3/4”)
  • Bevel on 1/8”
  • Bevel on 1/4”
  • Magnetic (full back)
  • Polish
  • Sand
  • Logo (1 color)
  • Each additional color
  • Window (s) (1)
  • Window (s) (2)
  • Window (s) (3)
  • Window (s) (4)
  • VHB tape
  • Printed insert
  • Velcro (both hook and loop)
  • Blank insert
  • Lens
  • Changeable Slider Sign e.g. (in use/not in use)
  • Crating charges on signage larger than 24” x 24”
  • Custom text color – (any color except ASE’s Standard Colors – add $3.00 per sign. (Before Discount)

Screw types and Hardware:

Note: All prices for screws and bits are not subject to discount

  • Interior Sign Solutions standard is to paint all flathead screws.
  • Interior Sign Solutions standard is NO paint on panhead screws.
  • All flat head screws must be countersunk.
  • All pan head screws are rounded and raised above sign surface –
  • Not countersunk.

Prices for screws and hardware are subject to change without notice.

#6 X ¾” one way stainless steel pan head

#6 X ¾” one way zinc pan head

#8 X ¾” one way stainless steel pan head

#8 X ¾” one way zinc pan head

#6 x ¾” spanner (snake eyes) stainless steel flat head

#8 x ¾” spanner (snake eyes) stainless steel flat head

#6 x ¾” spanner (snake eyes) stainless steel pan head

#6 x ½” torx stainless steel flat head

#6 x ¾” torx stainless steel flat head

#6 x ¾” torx plain (black) flat head

#6 x ¾” torx stainless steel pan head

#8 x ¾” square drive zinc pan head

#6 x ¾” Phillips zinc pan head

#6 x ¾” Phillips zinc flat head

#8 x ¾” Phillips zinc pan head

#8 x ¾” Phillips zinc flat head

#6 T-15 torx driver bit

#6 spanner driver bit

One-way removal too