Tamper Proof Signs – SI 300

Our tamper proof signs are 100% guaranteed.  Perfect for school construction projects, and still keeping that professionalism you desire.

The SI 300 series is an inlayed product that offers a high degree of tamper resistance.  The sign consists of a 1/32” thick ultra matte face adhered to a 1/8” thick acrylic backer with high bond adhesive.  The text and/or graphics are cut from the ultra matte 1/16” material.  Colorfast modified acrylic plate graphics are chemically welded to the acrylic plate, resulting in 1/32” raised tactile graphics.  Grade 2 domed Braille is then embedded in the sign surface.  The background colors are always sub-surface resulting in signs that are difficult to deface.

SI 300 series graphics are available in all SI 200 colors. We are looking forward to meeting your tamper proof signage needs, click here to contact us!

Here are some examples of tamper proof signs that we have designed.